Dear American people:

  I know this time we have to face some weaker US dollar situation. It may hurt the expectation of weaker euro. It may shatter the dream of the Bank of Japan on weaker yen. But it may help emerging market corporations to service their US dollar-dominated debt and those stock markets of emerging world, especially Red China. Buy low and sell high is the goldern principle of investment. This time is no difference. But the mometum effect of specified stock still another issue we have to care about- the weaker will show its weakness longer than we know, unless it finally finds a way out. This time the world has to choose carefully which sector or which industry to preserve. Then we can have a brighter future and prevent the deflation risk of whole world.

  To emebrace the emerging market is not without differentiation. Some could have a brighter future, others don't. It all depends on their prospect and each company's balance sheet. Therefore, we need financial analytics and security analysis even more today. To well understand the growth power behind each corporate in the emerging world is important and vital.

  Dear American people, I have to urge you to embrace the difference between different cultures. Democracy may not be that good in advanced nations. Or we will not see a lot of corporations with non-performing debt in the advanced world. It just shows how vulnerable a democratic system could be. Democracy doesn't breed a good culture of corporate governance. Corporate governance depends largely on the code book following and sticking with basic principles of corporate finance. It is a must-be. We should invest in those companies who exhaust all their energy to invest in their core business instead just merge others. It is an old but still useful principle we should stick with. Lately, we see a lot of corporations use M&A for the growth engine but create nothing and bring nothing to their books. It is the reason why the falling of US high yield bood market we are in. It is the reason why we don't see some progress of big companies. Invest and focus on core business is what we need to care. It is always the investing principle 101. It is a must-be without hesitation.


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