Dear American people:

  We face an unknown world. And the US gives us no direction. People think I can calm you down. Unfortunately, I couldn't.

  Lately, we see China worries about its short of oil. We see China is in some jeopardy. But I have faith about the world. People will realize China will not be the only growth engine. We do expect commodities will not lead to north as people wish because of weaker Chinese demand. Other nations feel their short of foreign reserves to help the demand of commodities. People do think the gold price may be an illusion if the US greeback leads to a higher ground.

  Dear US fellows, it is a good time but also a bad one. We know the US has the most resilient economy but your politicians want you feel depressed. You think people in other nations live a better life. I have to confess that my salary is even lower than a ordinary cleaner in the US university. You think the US is well behind the world. If you think that way, then I have to wonder if I stand my feet on the earth.

  Yes, the US stock market is in a higher level, but the European markets are also in that way. Emerging markets have many problems you already know. Nobody knows where we should go these days. People have to use the trial and error to find out. And the negative yield government bonds in advanced nations are largely seen this summer. I have to wonder where the money flows. Maybe people should buy a large-sized piggy bank to save money. Maybe we all should put money under our pillows.

  Or maybe, we should invest in those companies which try hard to create jobs and to survivie. Then we could have some dividend yield and growth yield of their stock prices.

  We do live in a directionless world. I know we have to get used to it.

  May God bless the US.


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