Dear American people:

  It sounds bizarre but it is a reality you face.

(1)American scholars don't think job traing program is even better for people with high school diploma. What American people needs is a good job training program instead of a bachelor degree from the college or university.

  It makes people hard to believe in. The factory of mass production needs cheaper worker with skill. Only a lot of people get the same kind of training could make it a reality. Unfortunately, your scholars only encourage American people to have a bachelor degree in the university or college. American scholars always teach American people all those manufacturing jobs are cheaper jobs with low skill. But we know that is not true. For example, have you notice that Japanese-made suits use different material like paper or other lighting stuff which can largely decrease body temperature? If all those important material could be made in the USA, it will create a lot of necessity for whole American people. Your wearing suits can largely use those material made in the USA. And that is good for the heating earth too.

(2)The idea of globalization seems to be skewed lately in the USA

  The US corporations try with their best to create a chain of supply, especially tries hard to keep the most valuable part in the USA. The iPhone may be manufactured abroad, but the most valuable parts like contents (, movies or other paid materials) are all made in the USA. If those things still be true lately? Globalization should be a idea of chain or ecosystem creation. In the ecosystem, American people should participate in which makes their own life wealthier or easier to survive. Where is that ecosystem or supply chain lately that American people could contribute a lot and get the most benefit from the creation? If it is none, that is the reason why we see the losing touch of American stock markets connecting with emerging markets. American people don't take part in some valuable ecosystems or supply chains anymore. Who should be blamed? The big US corporations?

(3)The misplacement of debt support

  The trillion debt in the US supports only those one who can have a larger share from the market (stock or bond markets), but it brings much less to ordinary American people who try to get their living from daily necessity. That is the reason why we don't see a lot of higher-paid jobs created in the USA lately. American wealthy people lose their minds in the money game and couldn't wake up anymore. Could somebody wake them up?

  My suggestion is if American government really want to help people, just provide money to the elderly and the poor but not participate the financial market anymore. Because the wealth people can expect the policy and grab a larger share of the benefit which should belongs to the poor as planned. It makes the wealth people even wealthier and the poor even poorer as the plan is implemented.


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