Dear American people:

  It is time for the Fed to raise rate sooner than later. It is time to show the world that the US is resilient compared with others. It is time to raise rate to prevent the disaster of long-term lower rate environment.

  Dear American fellows, I do have pride inside. I am proud to be a Taiwanese, also a Chinese - an ancient Chinese with sophisticated characters writing. I am grateful to my American lecturers bring the fire to me, showing me what the science is.

  American people needs to be more scientific these days, especially in the environment of low interest rate. There are a couple of reasons that the Fed should raise rate in September. The first one is to show the world that the lower rate of borrowing doesn't help the real economy that much becasue an advanced nation needs practical innovation and research plans to move its economy, instead of cheaper financing. Cheaper financing doesn't help much for the US, the UK and the EU. Cheaper financing even bring harm to Red China and Japan as we see. The second one is to help Charlie Brown and Snoopy. To help the insurance company such as Metlife to have a decent reward from the financial market and other pension funds in the US. It brings happiness to the retiree and help the US out of the nightmare of 2008. The financial crisis story is over long time ago even the scar does show the existence. The third reason is to bring the rate toward the neutral one of the financial system. It is believed to be 3% for the US. Waiting too long to move the rate back to the netural rate brings harm than good. To help the economy out of illusion and a little bit exotic financial market movement is what we need. It is better to raise rate sooner than later. The last one is to prepare the Fed for the sudden disaster even in the super-loose financial situation.(Don't forget, the QE is still there!) Let the Fed have more rates to cut to face the unexpected is a necessary these days. American people are out of wood long time ago, even with a lower standard of living. It is a world trend that advanced nations with lower living standard but the emerging countries with higher inflation(so with higher living standard).

  To raise or not to raise is not a question for the Fed and Ms. Yellen, but how much to raise should be the question. A quarter or a half percent is the quesiton we should figure out. Dear American fellow, to raise rate sooner than later can bring some impact to the world. We will eventually find out who is naked in the ocean. It is a good question lately we need to know better. I think the answer will be Ch... and Ru.....

  The reason is obvious. You can not trust an economy with free market appearance but with bad democratic records. It doesn't work for an economy in which the market depends on the supply and demand to show the trading price, but we still see a lot of people vanish without any reason each day. It is a horrible story more than you know. We need a truely democracy to bring more scientific things to the nation, especially for Red China and Russia.

  May God bless the US.

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