Dear American people:

  The financial crisis of 2008 starts from the United States and makes the US government begin the world's most remembered self-salvation, the quantitative easing(QE). It brings more than 18 trillion debt to the US society. It brings more good than harm to the world. It restores the faith at the expense of whole American people(because of 18 trillions debt). It reminds us that the Uniterd States has some impact to the world in the science, the finance and the economy. What can you do? Your higher education people want to have a better life at the expense og whole American people. Those investment bankers all have great education. But they are crazy enough to destroy your financial system.

  The whole world seems to forgive nothing to those things done by Americans for many years. The world seems not to forget those great evils we encounter to those investment banking activities. We see the meltdown of Lehman Brothers. We see a lot of financial institutions try hard to retreat from financial markets for no reason but only due to the fear inside their hearts and minds lately. We see a lot of people just can not come back to have their decent lifes ever. It is the reason why Mr. Trump is rising. Don't forget, Mr. Trump is the one of 1%, but he gets respect from those depressed 99% in the US. It is a bizarre world when people have conflicts inside. The 99% white American male seems to worship the 1% with golden hair. It does trouble me.

  I know the United States is a country with prejudice and bias. I know what it feels like when I was 20 something standing inside the shopping mall, then a white fat guy goes to me with colorful language. He tries to say an alien should go back to their fxxking nations and do not disturb him. I still remeber the scene of the moment after many years now. I realize I will never be the same as those people, just like your president Mr. Obama. He will always be treated as a color low life even he brings a lot of goodies to the United States. He will never be treated the same as the male white. To be honest, there is a pride deep inside the male with blonde hair. they think the superior does exist for their race.

  For this world, there is still a long way to go even we admit the homo should have their rights to get married and have a life as the hetero. It should be remembered that the United States creates more than 15 million full time jobs for its own people in eight years. We still wait for another 5 million jobs to be there in two years hereafter. Maybe someday, the world will remember all those things have been said and done by Mr. Obama, especially for the white male Americans.

  Dear American fellows, life is hard enough even the US is in a better shape. Life is still hard enough for ordinary American people to have a daily life. People all around the world feel the same pain as American people, lower living standard with sudden higher inflation all the time. We suffer and feel the burden, too. But we still march on without hesitation. Life goes on and people still fight for their families.

  It is time to move on and forget all those sadness inside. It is time to show the world the US is resilient as before. It is time for the whole American people to desert all those differences and embrace a common goal - to feel the happiness again and be grateful in front of God. It is the life where American starts from the beginning of civilization.

  Do your best and leave the rest to God. May God bless the US.

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