An accidently chosen one

  Mr. T, the gambler, seems not to fully understand he has been chosen to save his own ethnic group. Those people think he is one of them. Trust or hate seems to be relevant this time. People in the same ethnic group ask help from Mr. T this time. He is a chosen one by the specie. The dreamer, once a gambler, Mr. T has done a lot of things before he becomes a succeesful business man. He once wants to be an famous actor in the Broadway around twenty something. He starts his own casino business. He even gets broken on renovating old buildings. All those things give him many experience in his life. He divorces and gets married again many times. A lot of adventure things has happened on him. It reminds people that Steve Jobs, once gets lot of money from the success of launching Apple II, lives a life with many big failures in the PC industry. But Mr. Jobs finally becomes suceess when launching iMac, iPad and iPhone in the Apple corporation.

  Many people put great expectation on  Mr. T. The gambler should know it better not to let people down or he may be replaced four years after. It is not on purpose but accidently. Life is full of adventure in the place in which people create miracle but also face big failure. It is a place once be called a promised land in which seems not be that promising anymore. Deteriorating small towns drag the economy for so long. People lose their jobs due to the globalization. Mill and related business go bust for several years. China is rising with lots of production which brings impact to those towns. People depends on the production of those used to be is gone and never back. Ethnic group shows their nervous and disappointment to the authority. No one can blame this. Then they wait another miracle from Mr. T for now. The ethnic group hopes Mr. T could help them this time. They put higher expectation on Mr. T, hoping a man with superman-like image to save.

An illusion or reality of small town revival

  Mr. T's big failures don't make him to be afraid. That is a good thing. He always tells poeple he could win even it may fail. People love his confidence on the face. People hope he is not a big liar this time. Small town revival is on his hands. How to revive those towns may be a big question. But the world has some answers. The place is the most environmental unfriendly country we have ever seen. The ourdated PC, the oudated Pad, the used cars and other electronic components are shipped outside. Those wastes had been shipped outside for decades. People do not know the place has a missing part. That is the waste processing industry. It needs a lot of new technology turning the waste into gold. How to enable those recycling processes to be more environmental friendly seems to be a question to the world.

  Buy low and sell high is the principle for investment. Turing the wate in to gold is the same guideline if we have better technology. The whole world is full of garbage towns buring the waste and creating toxic air pollution with cancers. In the ecosystem of indstrialization of production and consumption, there is no greate solution for the waste until recent years. How to turn the waste into what they were needs lots of energy and tons of money without advanced technology. A nation with greater technology should get the job done to fill the last part of recycling for the manufacturing-consumption ecosystem. The small town can use latest new technology for the waste process, including paper and materials reusable. How to make those materials to be used again under the condition of low environmental burden is what the world needs. The place is a great nation who should know it better. The price of waste is low. If the recycing industry could use higher technology and lower energy to turn back those materials into where they were. It is a business that other world could not catch up. And the industry has not emerged in the place for so long. The place always ships out the used-out parts to other nations. This time, the last losing part of manufacturing in the ecosystem should be filled by a high technology country.

  The other part is environmental friendly business, Mr. Musk has preached to build many big factory of battery for electrical cars. To replace the fossil-fuel cars needs a greater plan. How to produce enough electricity is a big problem. If the country uses for coal for the electricity production, then the environmental issue has emerged again. It always leads us to the same question. How to revive smal  town business without environmental problem?

  It is a question Mr. O has no answer. But Mr. O has not noticed the whole world is changing on the recycling industry. There are a lot of nations using new technology to recycle their wastes and making profit. The place is a big producer of those electronic wastes. It will be a natural candidate for the development of waste processing industries. High Tech is a must be part for the waste processing industry. Accidently, the place has many intelligent engineers who may have the ability to turn those waste into a profitable business. Building factory in small town on the waste processing may be a natural choice for the place. The experience of other nations is using proper government intervention to create a fund on those recycling electronic parts through subsidy for the industry in the first place. Until the industry gets matured and stands on its own feet, the government could let itself go ahead. With proper incentive policy setting, it may create lots of jobs amid tons of electronic waste production all over the world. Maybe, it makes the place a country exporting precious materials.

  The other issue to how to recreate the whole supply chain back to the place. To replace the supply chain nees lot of cheap labors is not workable, but to be the part of supply chain producing the most valuable component is a must be. To reconsider how to produce the valuable component for the supply chain in the place is an important question.

  People have no idea if small towns could revive. But they still wait for a superman to save them. Hope the gambler is the one who can make it. Hope he will not gamble the system with more than 300 million people in his hands. Hope he keeps clear mind to know things better.


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