Mr. Trump says he want to bring back the manufacturing jobs to the USA. People with experience know the issue is a little bit harder than Mr. Trump think. In modern society, a car built needs a lot of parts. Supply chain is hard to be rebuilt in the United States when the labor cost is high and job training cost is uncertain.

  I know Mr. Trump wants a self-sustained society to be reborn in the United States. The hard part is the U.S. corporation with higher technology needs to export their products. Red China is threatening to use AirBus replace Boeing for several years already. AirBus even brings a assembly line to Red China to help its business growing.

  International trade issue between United States and Red China is the most critical one Mr. Trump has to face. Yes, Red China does a lot of dirty things to stop fair trading between United States and Red China. Yes, Red China even tries hard to protect its own business in many ways. The rising of Alibaba is due to the closure of Yahoo in mainland China. Yahoo becomes a big shareholder of Alibaba. Google is replaced by Baidu in Red China long time ago amid the lack of self-censoring on information. Red China is a communist country led by the Chinese communist party. It makes people hard to reason with them on many international trade issues. A lot of American corporations make lots of efforts to make money in mainland China. Most of them fail because of the government's intention to protect specific industry or corporation. The only way to resolve the problem is making the trade easier but not harder.

  To protect United States from unfair trading with mainland China needs more sophisticated consideration instead of higher taxes for the import of Chinese manufacturing goods. Higher barrier rather than higher taxes is a good idea. Higher standard of product quality and higher requirement for the producing process such as no cheap labor or no expropriation of labor rights may be another good idea. If the product doesn't satisfy the decisive requirement, then the US government could ask to stop importing. It may increase the production cost and quality. It may even reduce the cheap labor elaboration of mainland China. 

  From the perspective of stock market, the price-earning ratio of US market is more than 20 already these days. It is a little bit too high. This time, people expect the fund flow around chosen emerging markets which are friendly to global investors, especially American investors. If American people could make money from investment to those specific nations, then it should be encouraged. International trade and internationa finance should be judged from the benefit and cost of whole Ameircan people. Of course, we hope those American people without higher education could benefit from global trading system. It depends on Mr. Trump with his team to create some new ecosystems to reconnect those American poeople with the world or just in the United States alone.

  Poeple all around the world are against the idea that the United States closes the door to outsiders. We encourage American people to embrace the world and satisfy the need of different countries. We need new technology to create enough clean water for people to survive in India. We also need new technology to help people fighting with cancers in a much cheaper way. We need Mr. Trump with his team to help us fight with unfair things around the nation. We hate big country bully small countries. We hope Mr. Trump could rebuild a daily life-needs ecosystem in the United States to help people live on their own feet and survive without government long-term subsidy. 

  Hope Mr. Trump with his team could do the thing step by step. To rebuild an ecosystem or some supply chains for the need of whole American people is not easy but a hard working job. It is a have-to-be to help people accumulate their own wealth and have a decent life. New  ecosystem should be a self-sustained one needs no other nations' help. It should be a totally domestic need-satisfied ecosystem to help American people live a life depending on each other in the United States. Consider Alibaba in the mainland China to be a role model for an ecosystem building. Such a ecosystem may need higher technology to lower the building cost.

  Super highway replacement may be a good idea if it could use a lot of manpowers. The premise is the cost has to be controlled properly. But higher technology always makes the manpower for the construction's need lower in the US. A new bridge built needs many high technology facilities but only some workers. It may not satisfy the need of lower skilled American workers to have a decent life. A brand new electrical car assembly line needs fewer workers but a lot of robots already. The fact just reminds Mr. Trump that it is not easy to create enough jobs for the people living in US small towns. 

  To create higher value-added service jobs is a must be. But how to create those jobs without higher education need is a big problem. There are so many conflicts in the plan of Mr. Trump. All those problems should be resolved one by one carefully. How to make trade easier but not harder and have a great benefit to Ameircan people is much harder than Mr. Trump knows before.

  To create some job training program for specific industry that the US government want to develop may be the first priority. The US is a nation who wants free society. Industry creation is not a responsible of US government in the old days. But it is now because mainland China depends on government sponsor for several industries for years. American new corporations may need some help from the US government.

Trade with each other in the Unted States

  American people should understand that God help those who help themselves. How to make the trade with each other in the US is much more important these days. Commerce makes profit and bring jobs. People need to think hard how to increase the trade among the whole American people to create profit that could make a living from. It is a crucial issue for the whole American people.



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