Dear Americans:

  Finally, American people are not getting themselves drunk but keeping sober this time. The latest news that the 2018 Q2 has 4.1% growth rate is not a miracle, but is expected to show the capitalism prevails. And people have to say that it is not enough when the participation rate has not reached the historical average for a long time in s sustainable way. It is not enough when the unemployment rate is from 3.8% to 4% where there are lots of American graduates wanting a job for life. It is not enough when China has created many new departments in their universities and colleges to study the artificial intelligent and big data for transportation, ecommerce, and every field in the daily life. The US has to work harder on new thoughts and create more miracles. It is not enough!

  Mr. Trump should know that the competition has just begun for the next decade, among China, Rssia and the United States. To show the world the capitalism is a much better system for human beings to survive than the socialism that government pays attention to everything is a must be. Yes, the US finally reaches the goal, like the used to be, more than 200K people get employed every month, more American people get a happily life, the government pays less attention on everything as the market mechanism shows its strength. But it is not the time to live in complacency when China is rising in a big way.

  American first is nothing wrong but to show how foolish the US academic society elite could be in previous years. American scholars preach the free trade letting American people lose their jobs to foreign countries. The naive thinking still lives on in the mainstream economic society of the US that the US should not bring the manufacturing jobs home because American people deserve cheaper goods imported. Does Mr. Trump know that American people have paid around five trillion US dollars to China in 20 years?  Even with tax raised on Americans, the US still has 19 to 20 trillion US dollars government debt when Mr. Trump goes to the White House. 

  Mr. Trump just brings all American people back to the right track when somebody brainwashes American people this and that and says American people should follow the path of socialism, not the extreme capitalism. Yes, they may be right when Americans are naive and so easy to be persuaded. Mr. Trump just gets the US back on the track to the decent capitalism society a year and half. Those elites of American society live in their ivory tower without knowing the true life of Americans for so long. Those scholars forget to consider the basic needs of Americans.

  What Mr. Trump should do and has not done yet is to help Americans have new kind of manufacturing jobs, not just embrace the old glory. The old day's jobs are full of toxic elements in the job environment. American people deserve a better manufacturing job in a much cleaner environment with less pollution.  Mr. Trump should know it better that the US should move on and let the old glory fade away. American people need a new life style that could help the US not to make the same mistakes again and forever. To have a more proper regulation on financial sector is a must be. 

  For the employment issue, the old method doesn't work. Some people mention that American people has higher living standard compared with others, which means all those manufacturing jobs should move outside the US. In the trade theory, American scholars already know the reason of trade is not based on the comparative advantage when the same catogory products still can be traded among nations. It means that the US still could have the same category manufacturing jobs as other nations with lower standard of living.

 The capitalism wants less government intervention in every way of daily life. Let the market mechanism play the role well under careful scrutiny. To build a good system for healthcare is a must be. Mr. Trump wants a self-sustainable healthcare system not sponsored by the US government. Could it happen? We still wait and see. Of course, we hope so. It is a long way to go from here to the destination Mr. Trump wants.  And Mr. Trump should remember that it is not enough to have this one only. The US should go on and on,  more jobs, more miracles and more joy of life.

  Americans now face new chapter when there are more than 20 million Americans get their jobs after the 2008 financial crisis. The financial market revives from the 2010 Febuary and lasts for 8 years booming. People are worried about the sustanability of financial market in the US when the bond yeild rate pushes up the mortgage rate, student loan rate and credit loans. People do worry about the prospect of the US economy and have some doubt about the future.

  For Mr. Trump, he has given an alternative way to American people when facing international trade and trade deficit issue. Mr. Trump has no way out but to help the US citizen. He even gambles all his wealth on the US economy. That is the reason why he is furious when hearing some of his cabinet menbers selling their own positions. They get paid not to do that. Mr. Trump believes that kind of act is not patriot. 

  Mr. Trump will get the job done if American people believe Mr. Trump is and will be a good president. Have some faith on Mr. Trump is a necessary thing to have a better life in the United States when facing other nations rise in a strange way. Mr Trump is the president of the US who is an ordinary American but not in the elite of society. He is a person who does want to help the US back to the old day glory that he knows well. American people should have faith on Mr. Trump that the US will keep going on.

  Let bygone be bygone. American people have faced many broken wrong ways before. Now, Mr. Trump finally gets the job done and pushes Americans back to the right track. Hope the story could go on and on to help more American people have a life. May God bless the US, the promised land, as used to be.  

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