Dear American people:

  We got problems here. The only way American could help is to create an even larger pool for the accomodation of US dollars backing home. What people want is a higher yield rate for the US Treasuries to accomodate an even larger infolw of US dollar or to have even larger pools of international currencies, including British pound, Euro, Swiss Franc and other freely convertible currencies.

  Now we face the choice of death or alive, a road to freedom or the other. We need American people help the world to be a better place. We also hope Americans could open eyes to see the truth that people could not trust a nation with no freedom.

The first scerario.

  The US dollars all over the world comes home. Let emerging markets face the true value of themselves. To see is to believe, I guess. Therefore, the US Treasury yield needs to go up higher rather than lower to accomodate more US dollars home through a form of US Treasury purchasing. Before the negociation of Sino-US has some pleasant result that the world wants, all we could do is to let the US dollar go home. The China-US trade dispute may takes a longer time as people expect. Before that, Americans have no time to wait but to have a more robust economy with more full-time higher paid jobs and more prosper American families.

The second scenario.

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