Dear American people:

  I have to urge you keep the faith on everything when we do stand on a higher ground of stock market. Yes, the p/e ratio of advanced antions is much higher these days. But if the stock market can't not sustain itself, it may bring the money all into the bond market. We do see negative yield in the UK, Deutschland, Switzerland, Sweden and Japan. We don't want to see negative yield bond happening in the USA. The negative yield on the bond may destroy the pension system. We all know that a lot of states in the USA do face trouble on their own local pension systems. A lot of states in the USA have a higher funding liability. So the negative yield bond is not tolerable for those states in the USA. It may bring the thing even worse.

  I know the life is harder than everyone could imagine. But the USA must lead the world out of the negative yield trouble. Global growth can not be sustained by Eastern Asian countries only, especially China. Red China is a place without freedom and democracy. I do lose some faith on democracy, but that is the only way we could choose to live with.

  American fellows, please do not feel despaired. Please do not lose faith. Please try hard to change the USA to be a better nation. We need a sustained US financial market. I do bet on the small and mid cap of US corporates will perform much better than everyone knows hereafter. Please have faith on those companies. I do think a lot of corporates in advanced nations with a good cash yield of their stocks will be a good reward for investor. Please have faith on everything.

  I do think the US corporates should get invloved with emerging markets deeply. So we could have faith on those markets. The US has developed several financial tools which could be used to evaluated those companies in emerging markets. Please help the world to be a better place.

  May God bless the US. 

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