Disappointed long term unemployment in the USA

  A deeply unresolved problem in the United States faces is the long term unemployment. Lately we see the initial jobless claim number of US is around 235K which is the lowest number we know in a decade.  But the long-term unemployement number is still around two million (1.97 million) in the United States. There are two million people in the United States eager to have a job but could not have. This time, we see those people who vote for Mr. Trump amid a slogan of making America great again. People feel so disappointed to the US authority for years due to the globalization and the outsourcing. People who feel so despaired and want somebody help them having a decent life. That is the reason why we see small town voters choose Mr. Trump. They deeply hope Mr. Trump could turn the situation around. Two million people in the Unted States could not have a job for such a long time expect to have some big changes. That is the reason why even Michigan and Ohio State votes for Mr. Trump this time. They want some changes this time.

A job training program or a college diploma

  It is time to act for Mr. Trump. It is time for the president-elect to know better what American people need. What they need is nothing else but a full-time job. The new US authority msut have some plans in heart to know which sector or industry has to be developed in the United States and what kind of skills the industry needs for the worker. Furthermore, how to train those people in the long-time unemployment situation have a job there. It all depends on the leadership of Mr. Trump. To have some thoroughly discussions with lots of  people and to decide what to go next for the United States is important. What people need may not be a diploma but a practical job training program. A lot of job vacancies still need people to fill in the United States, for now. Those long-term unemployed people could not fill the need amid a lower skill they have.

Waiting for a Superman

  Now, those people have their wake-up call from Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is a man who dares to speak out others don't. Mr. Trump dares to try many ways to win people's heart. Those people, with a long term unemployment situation, come out and vote for Mr. Trump. They are waiting for a superman. They are Mr. Trump's same kind waiting someone who dare to try many ways to get the job done. Mr. Trump always criticise the phony politics in Washington. DC. Mr Trump always criticise the authority doesn't satisfy people's need. Now those people in Wiscousin state, Michigan State and Phildephia State all vote for Mr. Trump. Deep in their hearts, they wish a superman to save them from those disasters, from those unpleasant memory of unemployment. They want their lifes back. They think those Quantitative Easing things in the Unted States have nothing to do with their lifes even it does make Mr. Trump richer. Two million American people with long-term unemployment want to have a decent life. Does Mr. Trump really know what's the meaning behind and how come Mr. Trump could win in those states once vote for Democratic party for such a long time but change their minds this time? Does Mr. Trump really want to help those people in his full heart? Does Mr. Trump really know what he is doing when he says something on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else? Does Mr. Trump really want to help those people or just want to become the president of United States only?

  To be honest, I have no answer for those questions. But I know what's the meaning behind those votes. Those people cast their ballots on Mr. Trump. Those people are not just voting but sending a message for HELP to Mr. Trump and the whole American people. They cry out loud for help amid long time job losing. They cry out loud to the authority of Mr. Obama. but can not get an answer for eight years. There are around two million people in the United States. They hope they could earn their life back from the lead of Mr. Trump. It is the reason why they cast their ballots on Mr. Trump.

  I really hope Mr. Trump doesn't feel regret at this moment. Mr. Trump could announce that he quits to form a government and let Mrs. Clinton to do the job. Or Mr. Trump should choose to face the reality and meets the need of those voters. It is a problem even Mr. Obama doesn't have answers. It is a question that Mr. Bush doesn't know that well. But Mr. Trump's wake-up call from media platforms does trigger those people's hearts. Now they want Mr. Trump to play the part of superman to save them. Mean what you say and say what you mean., always. If Mr. Trump is reluctant to save those people, please quit and don't hurt those people like other presidents. Ameican people are innocent and naive, please help them in a full heart.


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