Dear American people:

  Lately, the USA does need new infrastructure programs. The USA needs some new scientific projects to renovate its technology. It will be expensive. But it is a have-to-be. Now, the US is standing on the crossroad. Which way to go is undecided. To elaborate intelligent American educated people must use some projects with intelligent-intense high technology.

  I have to remind you that the student loan in the US is much higher than 1.2 trillion US dollar. To reduce the student loan level is to give those graduates a higher paid job. New technology or new research is a must-be. To use those people's brainpower and give them a higer payroll is a way to create value and reduce debt.

  Do not trap yourself in the past. Don't worry about those things that already happened or those things that may or may not happen. Move on to get the thing while you can. Just bring a new evolution to the US.

  A new technology to help people with clean water. A new technology to against the desertization. No matter what you do, just bring value to the nation and give people a higher paid job. Then we may see somthing better happening all around the world. When people can do the thing in which they specilize. It just bring hope. It just bring more wonderful things to their daily life.

 God helps those who help themselves.

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