A man with no experience

  Mr. Trump is a man with no governing experience. To be honest, even I do believe he wants to be a good president, I can't guarantee if he could get the job done amid no public servant experience. It is a fact that there are more 1.5 million American people vote for Mrs. Clinton than (for) Mr. Trump. It shows that Mr. Trump does win the election but he doesn't have the majority support from the whole American people.

  It is nothing about trust or not, to Mr. Trump. I think Mr. Trump needs a well organized team for economic management and governance. From the histroy, we do know that the former president, Mr. Bush Jr., doesn't listen to his team for many suggestions. We see the crisis comes at last. I do worry about Mr. Trump could not keep his bad temper on many things and listen to his advisers well on many hard issues. It is not a president should have. Mr. Trump is already 70 years old with a lot of grandchildren. He should learn how to keep a smile on his face even he feel unfair treatment. Mr. Trump has to negotiate with foreign leaders on many issues, and those leaders may eat him alive if Mr. Trump could not have a clear mind.

  I do worry Mr. Trump could not have a strong team as Mr. Obama. Mr. Trump should ask more opinions from professionals and scholars in the US academic society. Mr. Trump should ask for a second opinion or suggestion on many issues if he could not know those issues well from the first suggestion. I know a lot of market people join to be consultants. I really hope Mr. Trump could keep an eye on them because most of them are involved with the 2008 financial crisis. They should be consulted for many financial problems with real financial market dramatic changing and be watched out closely.

A roadmap for the infrastructure

  Mr. Trump should know that a lot of infrastructure plans have no faster reward but only with good spillover effect on ordinary American people. In practice, government rebuild or fix some broken roads or bridges may not bring a lot of benefits immediately to the economy even it may facilitate trading in the United States alone. Well connected high speed roads connect people and make more traveling and trading possible among American people. So do airport renovation. Those benefits are not well calculated in the first place which means the projects may be let many investors want to join unless they are not toll-free. We do worry bad spill-over effects may bring lots of greenback outside the United States when purchasing building materials outside the US and pushing local interest rate level even higher. It may bring more burden on the US government with the debt level rising.

  It means that the thing should be concerned is how to rebuild those ones with smaller cost. The United States do not have a lot of waste processing industries or corporations.The United States is a country which produces lots of electronic component wastes. If the US has a ecosystem which could connect the material supply with a well established waste processing industry, then the infrastructure plan is self-sustainable. A self-sustained economy must be bulit on a well connected ecosystem with a cheaper supply chain to make the infrastructure plan workable. It is much harder than people expect. To do the thing step by step with a well thoughful plan is not easy. I have no idea if Mr. Trump could make the infrastructure plans on road, bridge and airports to be a new driver  for America sustainable growth.

A replacement of the jobless claim payment for a real job given

  Those long term unemployed American people should have a chance to join those infrastructure plans. It may cost lots of money if Mr. Trump's team could not manage those plans well. If Mr. Trump want to renovate bridges, roads and airports, then it is expected the price of commodities may rise to the roof hereafter if not with good plan and ecosystem. Mr. Trump should seek a second opinion about the infrastructure renovation to make sure how to get the job done without too much burden. To have a good team for his plan on how to make American great again is a must be. It may be a hard road for Mr. Trump.

  Even American people join those infrastructure plans, it doesn't guarantee them have a decent life after all those plans are done. Mr. Trump's team should consider how to build an ecosystem to make those American people join those infrastructure plans ( if the plans exist) to know better how to live a life without the government's help. It may be a good idea to pay for those long-time unemployment Americans on the infrastructure plan. It will be a tradeoff between a jobless claim payment and a job payroll. It just brings another problem to people. That is...then what will happen on those American people after all those infrastructure plans are finished. 

A well connected world

  US corporations have made a lot of money from oversea. Mr. Trump should not close the border to outsiders or we may see many bad things happen on US corporations. It is a well connected world which makes the winner has a larger share. Make itself isolated from the world is not a good idea. How to help American people but not hurt the benefit or multinational US corporations is a hard issue for Mr. Trump. 

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