isA Gambler's Rising

  This man,  a gambler, waiting before the television to see the result. Let call this man Mr. T. Suddenly, a smile is shown on his face. After realize he may become the next leader of The Banana Republic. He knows he will rise in a strange way. He lives in a society with two dovodes stories. The gambler's living place has two totally different stories with different destinations. One is with rich story but with loan burden, car loans, student loans and mortgage loans. And the other is the poor tale in which those people refuse to take those burden. They live in a life with simple easily manipulated minds. The rich side tries hard to exproriate the poor with no education and no good decision making ability. The poor group is so easy to be influenced and moved which makes the reason why the place has two tales. The rich side tells people in the world that life is hard enough but they know what they are doing. The poor side is full of violence and misery amid the knowledge-less decision making process in life.

  The poor is a group with easly manipulated minds via social network systems. They twitter each other with exotic news and lust. They love the money making story in which they may not have in their whole lifes. They live in a world with fantasy and unreal things. They love to watch the exotic TV shows and pretend themselves living in the show. In reality, they are miserable with no enough knowledge and monetary strength to move on their lifes. The tale of the rich side may not be that great as we think. The rich tale tells us the people with knowledge love to make money from the expropriation such as the place's financial crisis. They ask the government's help to pay for the disaster after each disaster they make. They ask for the help from the whole world. And the whole world pays a big price to waste their own wealth in order to subsidize the rich tale side.

  This kind of story goes on and on for several decades after people living in the rich side realize they could game the system without paying anything. They could move other people's money into their own pockets if they can confuse people with poor stories to make wrong decisions. They don't have to pay the price but just cry for help from the authority. The connection between the people with rich side and the authority is important which makes the rich people even richer from the expropriation movement such as financial crisis and exotic actions in which people are foolish enough to give money in.

An unpratical plan

  Mr. O is a nice person who sympathizes the situation of the two tales' reality. It is the reason why he tries hard to rebalance those issues people face in daily life. It is a costly recipe to the place. He wants to build a national healthcare system making people have equal rights to see doctors and have good treatments with a perfect science. He know the divison between two tales because he has been in those two tales before. When he tries hard to transfer himself from one tale to the other, he pays a big price to have his life back. All of a sudden, he realizes the way to success depends on good advices from friends all over the world and a good team. It makes him excellent and to be remembered. Step down is a must be after eight year's service, Mr. O has to leave it behind and start a new life.

  The gambler, Mr. T, with TV show experience may bring his casino-stye life to the palace. He seems to know it less. The gambler knows how to gamble with the system to win but lacks of experience and insight of how to run the place. All those things had been said by the gambler may bring different consequences. All those things he promises may make the plan unpractical. An expell of foreigner without proper permission may harm the rental house market which may bring disaster to the gambler's own business. Take Japan as a good example which refuses the outsiders to move in  which brings the old town into a ghost city.  To abolish the healthcare project may bring the elder with no healthcare insurance paying more for their own treatments in the hospital. If the elder can't pay, then their offsprings have to pay. It decreases the wealth if people can't work together to have a well planned system which has bargaining power to reduce the cost and increase the welfare. All those things may just makes all those promises void. It is economics, instead of politics. Economic issue needs economic plan to solve. Political issue is about love and hate, to distroy those ones you hate is the end of that story. But economic thing goes on day by day. Day in and day out is what people face. The shelter, the food and those related issues need a lot of careful decisions making. It takes time and discussion to make it work. An unpractical plan not just makes the plan unworkable wich also brings unexpected consequences to people we love. It makes people think the gambler just doesn't know what he is doing. He may not be capable to make so many decisions. He may bring the place into a dark age people unexpect. 

A place with two tales

  It is a place with two divides stories as mentioned. People with good education may not have a great life as they expect. But those ones with little knowledge or training can't not have a decent life as they wish. When the society makes decison who should get a larger share from the pie depending on how much their contribution. Those people who have greater knowledge and more training should have a greater share. That is economics, instead of politics. If the thing can't go that way, it will bring disaster to the whole place. It is the reason why those people with the poor tale live an unhappy life. That is the consequence they face every day amid not have a good education in order to make good decisions. A good decision needs proper training or good advisers to help.

  Mr. O creates more than 15 million jobs to the place nobody can deny. The level of interest rate is so low which brings good sales of cars, houses and higher education. People face lower rate for their loans. If the wall is built against foreigner and if all those things be said are done, then we may expect a suddenly short of demand from all kind of business. We may even expect lousy economy which has a lot of spare houses, an even lower interest rate level and a lot of waiting-for-broken banks amid tons of idle money find nobody wants to borrow. The economy will deteriorate more than we know. The gambler seems not to realize all those connections. The ecnomy is a fine machine connecting all parts of jobs and works people have and live on. In the end, there is a great foolish leader we may expect after four years.

  Environmental issue may bring totally different industries to the place which have higher added-value amid higher technology that no other country has the knowledge to catch up. It is the reason why people expect new industry emerging. A new technology brings fortune to people in the place if you dare to try. But the gambler, Mr. T, seems to live in a life remembering the old days. He just can not let the day go. He wants to repeat the old life he has from his childhood but lacks of conscious that the old life is full of outdated technologies. Old technologies are with no higher value and with tons of money wasting. If the life is turned back, then we may see the place creates even more pollution than China. People may find they live a more miserable life than they know.

  The place, once a promised land, could not promise anything anymore. The self-destruction goes on and on. The two tales tell the difference of fundamental issues both tales care. The tale of rich cares about the global warming issue and the global economy. The tale of poor cares about their paycheck and jobs disappearance. It makes the gambler even hard to run the place. It creates many conflicts for the new leader to solve. To create old style jobs may bring even more global warming problem such as CO2 emission. To stress on more global financial issue for the tale of rich ones just remind people what a great evil still lives on. in 2008. The gambler knows that nothing he can do. Mr. O chooses not to face it but just fine those evils. How could an outsider know anything better?

  This time, after the election, the gambler may feel regrettable to join the game he couldn't afford. A business man is friendly to everyone in order to make money. But politic is about love and hate which is knocking down your opponents and showing no mercy. A gambler may know how to stop in investment before it get sour but could not predict what his political opponent would do. The opponent may not back off but keep boxing. And the difference between two tales may be a serous problem if there are no new emerging industries such as recyling, waste processing, earth-caring and environmental protection. Unless new industries get their connections with environmental protection, we may see the place faces even servere global warming issue. But aged people without higher education need a stable job. Who could provide them? Mr. O has no recipes for that. So is the gambler for now.  New industries should get involved with healthcare issues for the elder. But who pays for that? Those questions will emerge all the times until the gambler has some answers for that.



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