Dear American people:

  It is a decison about to live or die. Bring the manufacturing jobs home with new innovation is a must be today. From the history, we know electronic garbages are full of the world. Most of them are created from the United States and the most of those garbages are all made in China.

  Americans should find a way to change the life style of used-to-be, making it better and let bygone be bygone. Figure out how to reduce electronic garbages with useful recycling is a have to do. In the old days, Americans used to ship those garbages to Africa or China and pretend it doesn't exist. It must be changed from today. Manufacturing jobs should be reconsiderd to stay in the US with a new form. American people should know something new to cope with those useless disposed electronics garbage. American people should find a way or create a new industry to deal with electronic wastes. Or Americans should consider how to stop consuming those goods for good.

  Bring manufacturing jobs home to the US is not a dream or a slogan, but a new way of life all Americans people should think seriously. Manufacturing process needs a lot of innovations which will bring many Intelectural Property after the process is done. It should be left in the US but not China. Latest artificial intelligent related manufacturing goods should all be manufactured in the US only, not China. Ameircan should face this question with a cautious discussion but not just some ANTI-TRUMP stupid talks.

  Bring manufacturing jobs home, especially those ones about new way of communication and living style. American people should know it better to  deal with those issues seriously from today.

The theory of trade becomes... absurd...

  In the old days, the trade story gives as that...Some people build something based on  their expertise and resource they could have, others do the same, and then both  go to the market and trade to increase both utilities. Now the story changes in a strange way. We see some people take advantage of others to have the best thing they could have but at the expense of others in the long term. Suddenly, after decades, we find the nation doesn't have to trade with others because the nation gets every technology for good and in a much cheaper way. All the cost to have the intellectual property is burdened on other countries but the bebefit is owned by one specific nation.

Micron is on the hit

  The supply of electronic storage is not growing larger in the last decade. If the Micron gets hit from the Chinese government, then all Americans should consume local electronic storage facilities made in the USA, including DRAM and SSD, as a retaliation. If that story does happen, then we should bet on the stock price of Samsung and Hynix because they are the only two big suppliers in China. We may see the DRAM price go double, triple or four times in  China. A lot of peopple will get the benefit, all the losses is burdened by the Chinese in China. 

  To be honest, I do feel confused how come Americans do not ask all the PC or NB related facilities built in the US. American people should ask valuable component in those facilities should all made in the USA. Just like Mr. Trump asks the valuable component of a car should made in the USA. 

Global trade is good or bad to the US

  It depends on the situation to judge the good or bad to the global trade. From the trade with Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, the US gets lots of benefit from the trade. The most important reason is that American corporates could have their intellectual property get paid from those countries. People in those countries have help to reduce the cost of living for whole American people for a long time. We do want to see the same situation happen in the case of the China-US trade. Unfortunately, we do not see that happen. The China under Mr. Xi has a dream to conquer and dominate the world in his own way. It is not the thing we want to see. There is about 2 trillion New Taiwan dollar invested in China that makes people worry so much. A lot of Taiwanese and corporates become the hostage in this conflict war between China and US. Taiwanese are innocent who just want to have a good living and live on. But now, we are retaliated by China from their military force and frightened from the trade war between China and US. How should Taiwanese do? A lot of Taiwanese support the US, not China. but Taiwanese do feel the stress from China these days.

Manufacturing subsidy is the reason

  Now the world faces a regular and planned subsidized crime, forgive me to say that. It is on purpose with a well-organized crime against the free trade theory. Ancient history tells that the trade begins from the comparative advantage. I still remember how the comparative advantage has been taught in the Economic 101 in the freshman's lecture, the basic economics. Trade increase both utilities and welfare. After that we learn, in the same class, about the perfect competitive and non-perfect competitive thoughts in a closed economy. It taught students to realize how come the trade happens amongs people and firms even those firms sell the similar product in the same production category.  The same principle of non-perfect competition applies well in the international trade case too. With monetary and financial decision included, it enlights us to know the trade makes us better off even some trades come from the market frictions among nations. Because of different tax barriers and other resources' costs, including labor cost and technology, the trade may happen in s strange way even there seems no need to trade anymore. But we still see the thing happens becuase of regular and purposedly subsidy which bring the absurd comparative advantage triggering the trade happen.

  Now as the global infornation flows fast, from the beginning, we see different components manufactured by different countries and assemble in a cheaper labor nation. Then, after many years, we see some nations want to manufacture every component in its own factory. The benefit of global trade disappears and replaces with the domination of one country.  All of sudden, it makes people feel afraid that, maybe after decades, some nations will forget how to manufacture those daily needs goods forever.

A Chinese-owned Tesla?

  We see lately the Tesla gets ready to open a factory in Shanghai which the Chinese government sees it a big opportunity to have the technology for free. Many years ago, the Tesla wants to manufacture the electric car in Taiwan but get permission denied from the Obama administration. Now, the Trump government permits the Tesla to go ahead with the project in China. How come?

  The old experience tells us that Chinese autority will get everything from the Tesla's Shanghai project. After many years' new funding and shares changing hand, we may see the Tesla will not be an American-owned company anymore but a Chinese government-sponsored one and larger shareholders are Chinese. Maybe, the larger shareholders are the Chinese government sponsored corporates. Then the tesla will in the hand of the state of China.

The more dramatic thing will be....

  The more dramatic thing is the Chinese authority finally gets what they want for free. Launching a spaceship to Mars via the technology stolen from the US and others, have their people get monitored from the latest AI technology stolen from the US and others, getting down American troops in every battle using the technology from the US for free,....and .....

  We may see that happen if Americans are not fully knowing the truth of China's world conquering ambition.


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