To Mr. Trump:

  It is a great moment to see the world peace going forward, especially for the Korea reunification. I have some suggestion for you, Sir. The first one is buying the US crops and send it to North Korea for free. T feed your enemy is one thing, to negociate with them is another. We all know that North Korea is short of food and people are starving. When Chinese retaliate not to buy US crops, the US government must stand out to help its own people. We all know the food will perish if it is not be consumed. So my suggestion is the US government spend some money get all those food and send it to North Korea for free.

  The second suggestion is Mr. Trump should be patient to the negociation with North Korea's leader. To help the kids understand what the world is and to help them grow is the first priority. To help them first may be an needed option because it is said the North Korea has spent more than 3 billion US dollar to own the nuclear weapon. It is the life saving money and the only share they have. Unfortunately, they spend it all. It needs to be replenished. Maybe, the US could use food, medicine and medical something to replace the money to  help North Korea this time. To prevent them have more money to do something bad and to help people in the North Korea directly.



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