Dear Mr. Trump:

  I really hope you could be the best president of US. It doesn't depend on me but you. You have to put all selfish ideas down to help your own people. We have some problems now. The first problem is the revenge from China, especially to Taiwan this time. Taiwan just loses its long term friendship with Domi... 

  Now China realizes what's on people's mind. The most place shoud have financial crisis is China this time. Unfortunately, it is not easy to see when China still flood domestic financial market with their RMB. People go to China, just like poeple are attracted to a big CASINO. When people are full of chips they win from the game and want cash out, the casino owner refuses to pay and use a gun on their heads to force players join the game until they lose all their chips eventually. That is happening in China.

  China uses US dollars as a devastating weapon to Taiwan. Around 3 billion US dollars to buy a good friend with Taiwan for more than 70 years is bad for Taiwanese. To let one country cut their connection with Taiwan is bad for us. It is a sad story we face. The original sin is that China has too much US dollars and China uses US dollar as a weapon to let Taiwan bleeding most because Taiwanese stand on the side of USA. It is all related to the fact that everyone knows China issues too much RMB. China's central bank, PBOC as the CASINO owner, now uses capital control to against people chip out from this giant CASINO. We have no idea how the game ends. 

 We don't believe in China. I, personally, believe that China has no MOJO and will crash in the end. But all those things are based on a free market assumption what China is lack of. This time we see the CASINO owner, PBOC, refuses people to cash out. Even more, we see that China uses their US dollars to attack Taiwan hardly and purposely. Now China still has 3.1 trillion US dollars foreign exchange reserve. If they continue to use 3 billion US dollar for each country connected with Taiwan. China only needs around 60 billion US dollars to cut all our frinedly connections. What could the US do to help Taiwan this time?

  Now Taiwan independence is an inevitable thing Taiwanese have to face when Taiwan has no countries want to recognize its identity anymore. Taiwan should change its name of nation from Republic of China to something else about Taiwan in order to show our true nature. Taiwan should refuse to play this stupid game, one China xxx, anymore. The stupid game China's playing now, one China policy, is bad for the health of Taiwanese.

  A lot of people in Taiwan, including me, are against the idea of Taiwan independence for a long time. But we have no alternative anymore. Mr. Trump should understand better when ROC has not been recognized from the world, Taiwanese should stand up to protect our own identity. It makes Taiwanese think seriously how come we don't change from something stupid about China to nothing related with China. When we try to help the US but face serverely attacks from China, how could we help outselves from those tortures of China this time? Domin.. is a lively example that Taiwan faces lately.

 In the world, the most dangerous financial market is China.  I truely believe thatRMB is an unsolvable problem and PBOC is the giant CASINO owner who refuses players to cash out. That is all we see and know. In China, there is more than 100 trillion RMB deposit savings today and we still see the volume of RMB keeps growing without end.  PBOC is the CASINO's owner who keeps issuing more chips to players in the CASINO. The most frightening thing is they refuse players in the CASINO to chip out! Taiwan can not refuse to accomodate RMB when our own people are going home with full of RMB. It makes us in a big trouble. It brings another problem is when we have more RMB, we are in a more dangerous situation to be dragged into a probable financial crisis in China in near term. It is a dangerous game where Taiwanese are afraid to join in. But we are in the CASINO where we can't get out. It is not just a nightmare but an endless horrified movie. Taiwan has more than 500 billions RMB already. What can we do?

  Until today, China seems not realize a country with better technology should have a better democratic system, or we will see a dictator uses new technology to ruin people's life. That is what we see China lately. A country with better technology is so easy to ruin people's life, depriving people's hope and dream. They also brainwash their own people to have a China's dream. Without democracy and human rights, China's dream is no better a country with new technology but silent frightened people. It is not a nightmare but a horrible story. That is what we are against to. That is why we don't trust China. That is why we think a booming China may destroy the whole free society. China has a better technology to ruin their own people. One day, we may see China ruins other people's life in other nations.


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