Dear American people:

   I am shy to tell you the truth about the lately event. There are several things I should remind you. The first thing is Mr. Trump is not that mighty as some Americans believe. You should not count on your president to have everything well prepared. On the contrary, you should help your president even Mr. Trump is not that likeable. The second thing is the US is lack of innovation because you have some flaud in your society that Americans don't discover. The third thing is Americans should not fight against each other on Trump's issues.

  We all want the prosperity of US contiuning for a long time. The truth is that the transition of US is not enough. Americans are reluctant to admit the truth that you are not diligent anymore. Americans become lazy in the technology progress. Maybe Americans think the technology progress would replace even more manpower, but it is not true. We do not see any big improvement to let technology help American's daily life even we do see the evolutionary changing but not the revolutionary trasnsforming. Mr. Trump has promised to make a big change for the US society. Unfortunately, US Democratc party is so eager to drag Trump down hoping the prosperity ending as soon as possible. Of course, we see Mr. Trump provides an empty check. Every American has the right to question his claims as usual. I have to remind American people that the future of US is in the hands of American people but not Mr. Trump. Have we see manufacturing jobs largely going back to the US? Have we see American people help each other to have a decent life? Have we see the truce of political fighting between Democratics and Republicans? Those answers are obvious to be NO. How come? How come Americans resent each other? How come Americans are  divided by the ideology of to support or not to support Mr. Trump? How come the question is not to create a new way of living?

  At every dire moment of US history, we see some heros come out to clear the mind of American people. In the last century, we know the man whose name is Roosevelt. In the opening of this century, we know there are a lot of American people think that is Obama. I still have questions about the historical status of Obama because he has courage but uses wrong tools to save the US. In short, Mr. Obama is misled by some people with socialism ideology. I know there are so much confllict between socialism and free marketer in the US lately. I think Ameircans should not feel despair even there is a bumpy road ahead of the US. There is no easy path for Americans. Americans should help each other in many ways even Americans have different ideologies of what a decent US should be. Americans should not look upon each other with hatry mind but with tender and humor - to feel sorry for your neighbors not have a decent life and to encourage your friend to live on in the headwind. It is not easy as we might know. It is not easy as we have imagined. But it is so real Americans face in their life.

  Dear Americans, life is not easy as used to be when China is rising in its own way through a subsidied economy with economic-managed (or planned)  thinking. China is rising at the expense of  jobs all over the world. China is emerging in a strange way we could not foresee. But the rising China is real at which Americans have to face. To bring manufacturing jobs home is not a slogan but an act. American people have to realize it is a decison of living on or dying out. I know that American people love super heros and would keep loving super heros in the future. I have to tell American people that the only super hero in this world is American yourself. American could live a better life if Americans want. American people could have a greater living standard if American people give up lousy prototype thinking. American should not indulge yourselves in the old day but to live a totally new life people could not imagine. How to live a life is not that hard. Only to do everything right Americans think that would bring happiness to everyone in the US, then that is it. All those things should be said and done is to have a life of happiness.

  Sometimes I do feel sorry to Mr. Trump. Sometimes I feel pity to Mr. Trump. May God mercy Mr. Trump's soul for what he has said and done sometines. Mr. Trump is an old man who still indulge himeself in the old glory of US. Those days are gone with no turning back. A new life should be given birth but Mr. Trump doesn't know how and what. It is a story American people should write on your own. But Mr. Trump is right that manufacturing jobs should back home even in many strange ways. Tariff, obstruction among alies, obstacle or something else are all the necessary evil to bring those jobs home. I still remember when I stand under the statue of a lady with her torch in New York that I  could not find any souvenir made in the USA. All those stuff are made in China. It makes me wonder why those things happen all the time when I travel around the USA. How come American people do not produce those souvenir in the US? Could you help me to know the answer better?

  Mr. Trump and his team pave a way for American people to start asking the same question again and again. It is the starting point of bringing manufacturing jobs home. It is the starting point American people should ask yourselves over and over. That is how come the souvenir of freedom goddess is made in China but not the USA, even China doesn't own that kind of freedom. Bring manufacturing jobs home is still in its infancy. If American people want a better living standard, the only way American people should ask yourself is how come all those daily necessities are not mostly made in US. If the question could be resolved, I believe we could see those manufacturing jobs home. Even those jobs are with high tech of automation, American still could control the manufacturing machine to bring out more value.

  I hope I would not see bloody arguments between the US congress and Mr. Trump. Those stupid deeds bring me despair. I hope American people should look upon how to bring happiness to every American citizen. I do hope American people could find a way to make a big change in the air of free market mechanism. My dear American friends, it is time to act but not fight each other with no reason anymore.

  There is some flaud in the US society as Mr. Rajan mentioned. Mr Rajan is an economist form Chicago Booth who is an Indian. Rajan has discovered that new niche corporates with specific technology have been merged by US big tech coporates before IPO. It means that the market competitiveness is largely reduced in the US tech sector when there are only a few big US tech corporates. That is the reason why we see FANGM still occupy a larger shares of fund in the US tech sector investing. It is not a good idea when we do not see many new emerging small to mid sized US companies to challenge the position of FANGM. It becomes an obstacle to the revolution of US technology. We see lately that the 5G technology in the US moves on so slow behind the world. We see that Americans still could not let AI go into daily life in a cheaper way. AI would not replace human intelligent for a long time in the future. AI is still in its infancy. I don't believe that AI could replace human to think or make serious decisions without lots of data recorded from past human decisions. AI would repeat human's error when AI learns from old data if people want AI to be more human like. American people should have confidence with AI in their daily life as a helper but not a threat. The US needs more small to mid sized tech corporates to help US flourish again.

  The professionals on economics, statistics and other social science fields have no big progress for decades in the US already. I do love to see more behavioral science incorporated in the macroeconomic modelling. I do love to see new statistical methodology come out from prestigious US universities. American scholars have complacent life for too long and forget to move on. That is also a big problem for the professional innovation in the US. Everything seems to be so complacent in the US. American scholars forget to move on to the truth of knowledge.




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