Dear American people:

  Here I go again. I have to confess to you that I do not want to live in the world anymore. Maybe as soon as pissible, I really mean that. I told my family member if some day she loses contact with me. It means that she could not get aceess with me from phone, then she should look for a locksmith to open the door of my place and check if I die in my bed. Then she should turn my body into ashes and make me disappear in this unpleasant world. Unpleasant? Yes, indeed. You know those Chiinese and Taiwanese really disturb me a lot and make me annoyed all the time. I have to stand with their bad attitude and stubborn, even stupid, prejudice on everything they thought that is right. The truth is, unfortunately, they are wrong all the time. And they just keep to be wrong hereafter. It is a prejudice never disappearing.

  I have read some articles on the website. All are talk about the white-black conflict in these days. I have to remind Americans that kind of thing will never go away even those black people get what they want all the time. It will just make things worse even if the black people always get what they want. We have witnessed the fact when the racial conflict is dominated by the story of black winning. In those days, the US economy gets worse but not better. I would rather choose the black poeple lose on purpose or intentionally, but American ppoeple win and live with a great economy. A great economy brings everyone happy, a lower unemployment rate for white and black people both. It is the fact I want to see. Please stop the racism examination because it doesn't help American people have a good job with a great salary all the time.

  I have to tell you that I really do not want to give you any suggestion anymore because I really hope my days on the earth is near the end. I have enough. Enough is enough.

  O.K. You could call me Jack, even I do not know what the meaning is. Let's talk about the US economy. What to do next if American people want this good time keep going on and on? My suggestion is on infrastructure and waste processing industries. On the infrastructure, I mean those ones who could bring income with the renovation such as airport or super highway. If you could tax 5 to 10 US dollars per person when they arrive or depart from the specific airport to compensate the usage of airport facilities. I think it would be a great story not to give too much burden to the local or central government. So does the story of super highway. On the waste processing, American people should know better how American waste pollute the world all the time. You could find obselete Dell computer in some Afirca nations. You could see some plastic waste of American brands all over the sea bed. American people still do not have solution to face their own wastes. American poeple should have some solutions to turn the waste into gold. That is a manufacturing job, to be honest.

  The other problem about the US is more than 21 trillion debt resolving. How to keep them down? How to pay down the debt without making people feel hopeless? To be honest, it is much harder than poeple know. It is not an easy question. Maybe you should ask Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush Jr. to think through, honestly. Mr. Trump has to spend some money on those things he wants to do to help American people and the world to be a better place. Do not deny Mr. Trump does a good job to bring the US economy alive. Do not refuse to admit Mr. Trump does a good job to revive the US economy. To use the market mechanism to help the government trim down the debt is the only way to decrease the government debt. To have a socilism healthcare is stupid. To regulate the heathcare business is a good idea but not to destroy the market mechanism behind. The Obamacare does destroy some good mechanism behind.

  Some other problem is how to deal with China except tariff or something else. I have to tell you the truth that the tariff is still needed. We already see the TV panel industry is ruined by those Chinese firms. Every LCD or LED manufacturing firms all tries to differentialte themselve from those Chinese firms. But now they still feel that they will be dead in a couple of years if Chinese firms keep expanding without limit. All those Chinese firms are in the form of government sponsored, no matter that is local Chinese government or central Chinese government.

 The world should feel lucky that Trump administration stops the DRAM industry having the same disastrous destiny as the panel industry. If those Chinese firms enter into the DRAM industry, we know others will face the final decision, to withdraw forever or keep bleeding until dead eventually. That is the truth. Thanks to the Trump Admistration lately to help the world not to see horrible stories happening in the DRAM industry. It is a great accomplishment. Be patient to those Chinese, American people. Be patient! They have a vision to conquer the world in their own way using those knowledge they learn from the world, especially the US. I know American farmers are out of patient to see the conflict between the US and China happening all the time. Chinese leader would rather starve their own people but not to give in. Mainland China is not a free society, so are their industries. Their LCD and LED panel firms are all sponsored by government without budget limiting. They even launch tons of RMB to support the industry, 140 trillion RMB in China (lower estimated nimber) is what we see today. You know in the international economics, the countries with higher inflation awalys gets the most benefit from the world trade with others. Now we see those Chinese firms not only live with a higher inflation environment, but with much lower cost to  maintain their manufacturing factories. In the US, those firms will be dead because of higher cost to keep the factories running. The market will never let those firms survive in the free society. It never happens. That is the reason why Foxconn is freak out to build a LCD factory in the US as promised. Or you could ask  the world not to buy all those manufacturing goods made in mainland China if possible.

  If the Trump administration could not get something useful to limit the ability of those Chinese firms in the LCD and LED industry. It will make the manufacturing jobs home back to the US much harder, not easier. How to make the world play discrimination to the same LCD or LED products manufacturing in the US or China is what Mr. Trump should have some strategies to deal with the problem. People would love to buy the product manufacturing in the US if the price of TV panel is not too high. That is the reason why the tariff does work for those imported Chinese manufacturing goods in some sense. I guess the US has to come out with some list restricting those import goods from mainland China in order to drive those manufacturing jobs home if possible. We already see the steel industry does not get any help from the tariff because those American firms are reluctant to build new factories to help Ameircan poeple have jobs. The reason is simple, the steel products are too much when others plan to trim down not to scale up. How could you to survive from the market mechanism which lives in a well functioning world? The difference between the steel industry and the panel industry is not many countries have large scale panel factories of LCD or LED except, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Apple's iphone uses the panel provided by Japanese firm, JDI, and Samsung. So it could make some difference with the tariff imposed when expecting LCD or LED manufacturing jobs get born in the US. What I want to suggest is if American people really want several LCD or LED factories get running in the US. You should have more, but not less, good strategies to help those factories survive against mainland China subsidies.






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