Dear American people:

  The market reacts as Mrs. Clinton's wish. If Mrs. Clinton were the president, then we shall see the market stop moving upward two years ago. The bond yield of US Treasuries now may be around 0.4%, just like the yield of bund (The Germany Treasuries) today.

  Two years ago, every Democratic worshipper says Mr. Trump steals the crown of Mrs. Clinton. We all know that means the end of shares market booming. So let us go back to the original place and imagine what if Mr. Trump doesn't do anything to save the USA. We shall not see more than 3.5 million American people have their jobs in the US. We shall not see how the free market mechanism pushes down medicine price. We all know how hard Amazon did, to riase per hour payroll and help stabilize the medicine price through the online drugstore. It all thanks to the free market mechanism.

  Let's pretend that Mrs. Clinton already takes charge the USA around two years. What will happen? Without free market mechanism and Mr. Trump's moves for international trade to push manufacturing jobs and US dollars home, the rich Americans are reluctant to move their money home. So is the US enterprise. We will see there is not any manufacturing jobs created in the USA if Mrs. Clinton takes charge and continues what Mr. Obama did in his eight year's term. There is no mojo and no secret sause in the US when the free market mechanism does not help Americans.

  If American people really want the Democratic party control the congress and the senate, then we shall see the stock market goes back to where it starts when Mr. Trump takes charge the nation. We shall also see a lot of manufacturing jobs and service jobs lost in a couple of months hereafter because we may see Mr. Trump steps down as lots of crazy Democratic party supporters' wish. OK. Now, we could make their wishes come true before the election.

  Now we see the S&P 500 goes back where it starts before 2018. Next, we shall see it goes back to where it starts at the end of 2016. We shall see the S&P 500 index sinks even more when the Obama administration used out the prepared fund to support the US economy and left nothing to the new administration. So the Trump administration has to use the market mechanism to create even more jobs for American people. That is nothing but the truth.

  If Mrs. Clinton were the US president, then we shall see the medicare-for-all system be built in the USA. We shall see more US budget used to support the lousy medicare-for-all system and hospitals in the USA will all go bankrupt as many American experts expect. We shall see even the medical school in the US university stop recruiting students because no one wants to join the line of doctors. We may see even more market mechanism be destroyed from those idiots who screw up the USA if Mrs. Clinton wins the 2016 election. Americans are so fortunately to see Mr. Trump takes charge the nation, not Mrs. Clinton. The American story is finally back, not in the movie but real life. It is time to face the truth that people want to let Americans face the reality if we are in the Mrs. Clinton administration. Maybe, we are just in the first stage of reality check. Maybe we shall see 3.5 million jobs lost in a couple of months and the stock indexes go back to the end of 2016.

  The truth of 2017-2018, under the Trump administration, is Mr. Trump saves the USA. Mr. Trump restores Americans' confidence and help Americans have a life just as two decades ago. When Mr. Clinton promises some wealthy Americans he would support the NAFTA and help all manufacturing factories ourtsourced to other nations, we see every thing Americans need in their daily life are not made in the USA anymore. From the time, Americans lose their shirt, their houses and their dream. It is the fact. It is the reality check and the thing that American have seen in two decades. 


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